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Body Composition

Available at Aurora and Vaughan clinic. 

Body Composition

Exam includes: Dexa Whole Body Composition
Available at: Aurora and Vaughan
Non OHIP: $100
No requisition required but must be 18 years and older


Body Composition Info for Doctors and Patients

Body Comp Analysis
Physician Letter - DEXA

X-ray Examination

"5 🌟 🌟 🌟🌟🌟 Every single TIME. Staff are always super friendly and super Accommodating. PLEASE TO ALL PATIENTS LIKE MYSELF don't come to these places expecting not to wait.  Have some consideration for all humans as we need to be kind to one another and spread a SMILE. IT GOES A LONG WAY.  I'm VERY grateful everyone here smiles, and it warmed my heart 💓 and brightened my day. Thank you as I was in so much pain."

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