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Available at ALL clinic locations.

What Is An X-Ray?

X-rays, also known as radiographs, are a crucial tool in medical diagnosis and treatment. They are the oldest and most commonly used form of medical imaging, and can be used to examine a variety of body parts. During an X-ray, a small amount of radiation is used to create a black-and-white image of the body part being examined.

In recent years, digital X-rays have become increasingly popular. Instead of using photographic film, digital X-ray sensors are used to capture the images. This method offers several advantages, such as the ability to easily transfer and enhance images digitally, as well as store images electronically for easy access. Additionally, X-ray technologists can immediately check the quality of the image, ensuring that it meets diagnostic standards without needing to wait for film development.

How Do I Prepare For An X-Ray?

General X-ray examinations require no preparation and are done on a walk-in basis.

How Is An X-Ray Performed?

In some procedures, you may be required to change into a gown. The technologist will guide you to the examination room, position you correctly, and take one or more images. Following that, you will be asked to wait in a designated changing room for a few minutes until the technologist verifies the quality of the films. The examination time will vary depending on the number of views required by your doctor. A chest X-ray, for instance, may take between 5 to 10 minutes, while a spine series may take up to 20 minutes.

Infant and Toddler Chest Imaging?

All clinic sites can perform chest imaging using a Pigg O Stat on infants and toddlers. This device allows the child to sit on a bicycle seat and be secured on each side with molded plastic. Mom or Dad is beside the child at all times. This device ensures a great image AND if the child is crying, that is a bonus as a good chest x-ray should be on a big breath hold.

X-ray Examination

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